I have a script to share - if anyone wants it

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I have a script to share - if anyone wants it

Post by schworak »

I have a couple scripts bundled into a ZIP file that I used to get my initial download of The Games DB dataset. It includes a script for pulling down all of the JSON and another for loading a MySQL database. I have a couple scripts for MySQL for creating tables and clearing the tables too. (all in this zip)

It is written in Python on Linux but I bet anyone with any skill could adapt it to Windows and other databases pretty quickly.

It caches the JSON files so if it crashes mid download, it doesn't start all over downloading. It only downloads what it didn't already get. This saved me from burning up all my private key requests against the API.

I don't know if this is something you guys want or where to put the link or how to announce it so it is appropriate for the site. If an admin or alike could offer some guidance I would appreciate it. Or if this is not something I should share here, let me know that too. This is such a handy project that I want to give back in some little way.

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Re: I have a script to share - if anyone wants it

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there is no harm in sharing it, just to note, that I will (hopefully soon), make it possible to request the entire database in 1 request.

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