A key by app or by user ?

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A key by app or by user ?

Post by pascl »


I have already an api key for an application.
If I want to use the api in another project, should I ask for a second api key (if it is possible to have several for a same account) ? Or should I use the same api key ?

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Re: A key by app or by user ?

Post by Leo_Pride »

Ideally, this is why you'd have a central server - the private key would be used to pull the initial dump to your servers, then the public key could theoretically be used by the end users of any of your projects to fetch further updates.

Whether you do this or not, the private key is a "one and done" proposition intended for a server sync, whereas the public key is designed to maintain a decent monthly quota by unique true IP, thereby ensuring some level of baseline functionality for all users.
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Re: A key by app or by user ?

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public key can be used by app, as it is IP per app limited.

but as Leo mentioned, based on your usage case, it might work better for you to mirror the database using private key, and push the data from your own server if the limit was an issue.

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