Sort options for My Games?

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Sort options for My Games?

Post by Doc.Caliban »


The My Games DB is exactly what I've been needing! My only request is a method to change the sort order. It seems that it defaults to the order in which the games were added to the collection, but sorting by title and/or release date would be extremely useful to me.

Is there a chance that feature could be added? Or, is it already there and I'm missing it?



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Re: Sort options for My Games?

Post by Zer0xFF »

@[mention]Doc.Caliban[/mention] thanks for the feedback.

at the moment, there isn't a way to sort the listing, however, I do see the value of such feature, so i've added it to my todo list.
I do have other plans for the game collection feature. but do note, it might be a while until anything is done, I'm busy with alot of things atm :(

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- [ ] game collection, allow the user to mark games as owned, completed, incomplete 
- [ ] game collection, game play time, allow the user to specify how long it took them to complete a game
- [ ] game collection, allow game sorting
- [ ] game collection, "Missing Info" (show the user games they have in their collection that are missing info)
- [ ] game collection, add api, requires use permission

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