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Rules on what counts as a duplicate?

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 6:26 am
by Reboot.Revival
I am new to this page. Just found out about it recently actually. I have been trying to add some of my unusual releases to the DB so that they get pulled down by Game Eye, however I ran into a problem tonight. The first game I entered the other day Sword Art Online: Lost Song for the PS3 disappeared from results sometime between 3pm today and now. I thought maybe someone reported it as a duplicate because a Japanese entry existed, however the entry I created is a unique release. From a different date, in a different country, with different options in the game. It is the Asian English copy of the game. Are there any rules as to what a duplicate is? Shouldn't we want to catalogue these differences? I have a few uncommon regional English games that didn't get English releases widely. Some aren't very well known and I think it's important the info is stored. But i don't want to spend the time adding them if someone is just going to delete them as duplicates because a Japanese entry exists.