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Legacy Site & Updates

Posted: Thu May 24, 2018 1:26 am
by Zer0xFF
Hi Everyone,

you might have recently noticed that the site is slowly getting upgraded,
the 1st change you might have noticed is that the forum was reset and changed from nodeBB to phpBB, (we have since integrated phpBB login with the beta site),
the 2nd change was the start of our beta site along side the new api
and last change that was applied yesterday, the main domain would now redirect you to this was done to get users and devs attention to the changes taking place, while we haven't set a date for the switch from beta to production yet, we'd like all current app devs to switch their api to the new subdomain and perhaps even checkout the new beta api and provide us with suggestions and feedback, but note that beta api shouldn't not be used in production yet.

Note: Beta API requests an API key, you can request one at Projects / Applications.