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Server News & Updates

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Hey there everyone,

Alright so We have some good and bad news coming up.
[mention]smidley[/mention], the server owner, has gotten a job offer at a different company and is due to start working there in just under a month, and we would like to wish him the best of success in his upcoming career.

however, what many might not have known, that smidley current employer has allowed us to host the server free of charge for all this period, its how we were able to provide you this service free of charge all this time, and with the upcoming job change, this will no longer be the case (while we don't plan on charging anyone anything, providing this service might be a bigger challenge heading forward), at this moment, we've been able to extend the server up time by atleast another month or so, however that won't really be sustainable into the future.

We know however that over the years many of you have offered to help us financially through donation, and at the time we have appreciated the sentiment behind that action but we had to humbly refuse that support, as we were in no need for it, however with the recent changes, this is something we might have to explore as our only means of financing the server going forward.

as with the above news, we thought it might also be time to finally take down the legacy server as well, we plan on shutting down the server within a month.

Now to some other news we didn't get the chance to post up
  1. beta subdomain has been switched off
  2. The API docs has been completely replaced and now contains request/response examples
    one thing to note that the update API example is almost complete, the missing update would be

    Code: Select all

    [...]"type": "game", "value": "[REMOVED][...]
    and different type of image update, however those types would match the `filter[type]` field found in `/Games/Images`
  3. "Add new game" button has been moved to the navigation bar and has replaced "API docs" link
  4. "API docs" link has been moved to the button navigation footer
  5. "My Games" page (which can be found in the user drop down menu on the main site) now contains all the games you have added to your collection
  6. the missing info page can now be filtered based on platform
  7. just yesterday we added a game update bot to our discord channel, which will post live game edits to discord

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