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Doubts and suggestions about the beta

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:47 pm
by Kirito
The games that update within the next two weeks the data will go to the beta or final version and because in the beta version you can not add the genre to which the game belongs and also would like to see more genres of video games because in the current version or legacy does not have all missing as gender mini games or party ect.

And if they could they could put some support so that we could add genres of games as well as valid names and logos of videogame companies both developers and publishers, and of course you would have to authorize so you can use both the genres of new games as well as name and new company logos as well as when they do with the games currently so the database would be more complete :D

Re: Doubts and suggestions about the beta

Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2018 7:08 am
by Zer0xFF

Thanks for your post and suggestions, while the beta is currently missing some features, we do plan on including all of them as we go ahead, whether we'll be able to before we move out of beta remains to be seen, but we will certainly aim for that.