Suggetion for games entry pages

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Suggetion for games entry pages

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First of all, thank you very much for this website and DB, this is great !
I hope your doing good, and your safe on this strange period with the COVID infection..

I'd have some improvements to suggest. I hope i'll be clear because english isn't my natural language.

I'm a user of the Gameye iOS app, who started to enter my games collection (over 300 games) and found more than 80 games in my collection that are missing or not available for the platform.
I created a game, but found it a little long to do. I feel like it would take hours to create the 80 games that are missing.

I understand if could be complicated to allow File imports, and i assume it would generate a risk to have duplicates. But maybe are there other ways to facilitate game entries into the DB :

1. Allow to duplicate a game to create a new one, with the ability to choose what data to keep.
You wouldn't allow to keep all the data of course because we don't want duplicates.

2. Allow to use the data from a game to update another(s). This would allow to improve easily the completeness of some games, where the data is identical between the different versions/platforms of the game (genre, esrb rating, ...).

I assume this is a quite big effort for you (you're maybe busy / it may not be a priority). In that case, would you grant me with rights on your API, so i could do something like this for my own use ? (i probably won't have the courage to enter so much games manually).

Thank you very much,
Jérôme ~Spypixel

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Re: Suggetion for games entry pages

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We are always open for suggestions. Honestly I've been thinking about these options too but first of all we need to do some improvements to make these things possible. We'll keep your suggestions in mind.
Thank you for cooperation.
From Russia with love

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