Adding pal games

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Adding pal games

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I downloaded the GAMEYE app and started to add my collection. I'm from europe so I have a lot of PAL games.
Unfortunately this database has a lot of NTSC games in it and not a lot of PAL games, so I wanted to add them myself.

For instance I added a new game SimCity to the tgdb database, but how I can change that to be a PAL game?
Also is there a way to sync the games that you add to the actual URL of, so that it knows it's a PAL or NTSC game?


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Re: Adding pal games

Post by edirol »


Currently database has preference for NA releases. PAL version will be removed if NA release have already been added to db. I suggest you to use "Alt names" fields if there is a naming difference.
We are looking for the means to support regions.

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