Gamecube RE4 edition

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Gamecube RE4 edition

Post by ze_lumberjack »

Can anyone add this version of the GC???

random foto from google for reference.

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Re: Gamecube RE4 edition

Post by Leo_Pride »

Let's look at this from a critical perspective.

If we add a visual variation as an entirely new platform, who exactly is going to keep the thousands of entries for the original platform from being added to it as well? What happens when - not if - those thousands of entries are added to every variant platform on the already-thin premise of "it's not the same console"?

This is a substantial visual variation, not a unique console platform, and if console images return, that would be the appropriate venue for it.

Honestly, I'd like to see visual support for all the console variations on the market, but there are practical considerations behind it not being allowed in the Platforms namespace.
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Re: Gamecube RE4 edition

Post by StainlessSteelRat »

If you’re tryin to have it added to GAMEYE you need to contact VGPC. TGDB doesn’t track hardware.

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