Commercial data usage

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Commercial data usage

Post by alazeo »

Hello everyone

There are a couple of game databases like this one. Most are in some way free to use but are only for non-commercial use.

I see that the api of is under GPL-3.0 License, but I was wondering if the data served by the api is under the same licence, or if not under what licence it is.

I would like to build my application with the option to make it commercial later on. This forces me to look for data that is licenced in a way that allows that. I would love to build onto an existing community, even making my data and my application also GPL-3.0.

Best regards.

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Re: Commercial data usage

Post by HEXdecimal »

I would like to know this too, actually.

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Re: Commercial data usage

Post by Zer0xFF »

Hi @alazeo & @HEXdecimal,

Sorry for taking long to get back to you.
the issue is, we dont have any explicit rules for commerical usage.

however, I think it wouldnt make sense for the data to be GPL, as that implies you having to provide any modification you do (which i believe is silly for data), however, as of this time, we wont ask for accreditation when the data is being used. Ideally as well, if your product benefits from an always up to date data, it would be great to point the users to this site to make those changes, so that everyone along this chain would also benefit.

should anything in that regards change, it will surely be posted about in the annoucement form, however, you can rest assured that even if it does, it will not apply retroactively to any data you're using, only to newly requested data.

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Re: Commercial data usage

Post by Coolmule0 »

This is addressing the license of the database data, which is the equivatent of what is being served by the api, I believe. Do you have a license for the database data?

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