Providing importable version of your database dumps

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Providing importable version of your database dumps

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Hi! I have a little project called Miracle TV that basically enables one to spin-up a very rudimentary Twitch clone if they wish so.
In there I have an entity called "Activity", which basically serves to indicate what streamer is playing \ doing on their channel, same way activities work on Twitch.

I have been searching for a way to allow admins to automatically populate it with videogame data and stumbled upon your database.
The way I want to do it is scrub the images from your json dump, prepare my own dump for RethinkDB (database my app is using) and bundle it alongside already downloaded images and an import script in a .tar.gz , so that any admin can import it after setting up their instance, if they want to.

Please note that at no point will the dataset be distributed along with software itself, nor will it be included anywhere in the codebase. It's a separate download that is entirely optional.

I wanted to ask if that's permissible and if so, how and where should I credit you?

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