Barcodes for PAL Games

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Barcodes for PAL Games

Post by Adhorred »

Hello there,
I am a new user of the app GAMEYE.
It refers to this database and I wasn‘t able to scan a good portion of my games, since they are not recognized.

I am unsure if I should just create a new entry, for these, or they shall be added to the existing entries.

If needed I could even provide them so they can be added by an admin maybe.

Any response would be appreciated.

Edit: a new region „Germany“ would be appreciated as well, since the box art is mostly a bit different here..

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Re: Barcodes for PAL Games

Post by StainlessSteelRat »

TGDB only just started tracking region data. Please come to the gameye discord (you can find it through the connect tab in the side menu) and I’ll explain before you start adding possible duplicates. Tag gameye harrison in the discord

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