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New platforms

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The GameKing line by Timetop
  • GameKing I and II (the two versions have the same guts). pics and stuff
  • GameKing III
  • Handy Game - if you're interested in non cartridge based stuff?
There were many releases of all of them and some Handy Game models are sold as GameKing III (I have one of these from Greece). EDIT: Thinking about it, maybe there should be a category like SoC Handhelds or TV Games? Handy Game can play as a handheld and also connect to the TV; it's a NES SoC full of ROM hacks (best I can tell, anyway).

I have most of the game boxes and plan to scan/add these.

The Black Point (stylized as "black point") by Süddeutsche Elektro-Hausgeräte GmbH & Co. KG (aka SHG). I have 3 of these games I'll be boxes for anything but I have some manuals.

The Video Art by LJN. I have the box and several games in blister packs to photograph/scan.

The Game Pocket Computer by Epoch. I have no boxes (or manuals) but I'm pretty sure they've all been scanned. I do have three of the games I can add tho.

The Super TV-PC (スーパーテレビパソコン) by Epoch Co. I have the Link version box to photograph along with several game boxes to scan. The Link version adds NFC functionality but is otherwise the same console. And honestly that function may just be on the included cart, but I have no idea if that cart works on the original consoles or not.

The Evercade by Blaze Entertainment Ltd. There's two handhelds and the VS but they all play the same carts. I have the founders VS and the original handheld boxes and the first 20 game boxes I could scan/contribute, tho you could probably also just use the images on the official site since it's a contemporary console.

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