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Re: Add new developer and publisher

Post by krzaczor93 »

Hi. Please add developer "Byzantine Games". They did Field of Glory II. Thanks!

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Re: Add new developer and publisher

Post by gameburke »

Not sure if this is the right place to request...

Developer: National Audubon Society
Publisher: Top Ten Software

For the game The Secrets of Hosea Freeman:

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Add dev/pub

Post by Thebestsilver7 »

Please, add "SCKR Games" as developer and publisher, as I'm adding "Only Up!" to the website.

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Add new publisher

Post by maxbaseball059 »

Can you add "Neos Corporation" to the publisher list? They published "Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation - The Endless Seven-Day Journey", and were created in 2020. Thank you!!

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Re: Add new developer and publisher

Post by NatSpectrum »

Could you please add "Ice.Cold.Blood" as a developer, so that I can update the page for Batty Zabella?

EDIT: Also, could we get "Videlectrix" added as a developer, as they've developed multiple Homestar Runner themed games (such as Marzipan Beef Reverser).
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