Amazone New World Review

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Amazone New World Review

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First impressions: graphics look good, UI is very simple and intuitive so it's a good experience, but spawning on the map for new players is random so good luck spawning in the same zone with your friends. (Don't worry, you'll meet with soon enough tho)

Followed the questline, got to the Settlement, started some new quests, tried some sidequests, switched from shield and sword because I hated it (first game when I really hate swords and shields).

So the combat: it is ok, kind of souls like but it has defects. The reason combat like this works is the ability to lock on target which doesn't exist here )or I haven't found it so it's going to get annoying when you'll reach fast-moving enemies like ghosts. Also, I can't cancel the animation for some abilities, so I'll get stuck there while getting hit.

The mobs.....they are only a few types of them, just the name, level and sometimes the texture is different, so not a big variety which is not nice.

The quests: there are a few types of them:

-talk to x NPC

-kill x number of y mobs

-kill x number of y mobs and loot them'

-kill a boss

-Search chests

So they all are the same, but it is an MMO so I wouldn't mind it as much if it wasn't for the lacking of variety of the mobs.

As a classic MMO, moobs are just a damaged sponge, so being skilled won't matter if you are some levels behind them.

The biggest problem of the quest system and of the game is the distance you have to go between which objective, it can take ages and for the lack of mounts, it will be 70% of your time spent in-game.

Also, it is annoying that you must spend Azoth for fast traveling, using Gold would have been a better decision in my opinion.

Gathering resources and crafting it's good, easy to understand and find and it doesn't have that slow of a progression like other games( ex: Albion).

Also, leveling your character from sidequests will take a lot of time only because you have to travel a lot to get the quests.

The servers are a big problem right now and no, I am not going to switch the one I am playing on atm because I don't want my progress to be lost, but I usually login in the morning so I don't have to wait for hours, but hopefully, they will fix the issue.

My advice for people wanting to buy it: don't start playing if you are a casual player who can only game for one or two hours per day because it is not worth your time. Also, I wouldn't recommend this to people who want to play by themself without friends or joining a company, as there are quests and events that can't be done solo. It is an ok game (not as good as it was hyped) to waste time in and progress if you enjoy it.

I like this game, but mostly because I play with friends and there is some kind of interaction, but I would rate it as 6/10. It is a good-looking game that is serviceable, but that's kinda it. If you have any questions, or you want to correct me on something, feel free to comment. Have a nice night and game on!

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Re: Amazone New World Review

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It's worth considering if you're looking for a visually appealing MMORPG with a focus on crafting and multiplayer interaction.

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Blizzard Entertainment is my favorite game company, having produced the Warcraft series, the StarCraft series and Diablo series When I was very young, I dreamed to work in this company...

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