API limits

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API limits

Post by zerodogg »

what kind of API limits are in place for the public key? I've seen the number 1000 thrown around, is it actually documented somewhere? And what kind of reply the server would provide?

Also, if 1000, it seems a tad low? My use-case, (yet another) game collection manager, can easily send 1000-2000 requests initially (because it wants to submit one request per game, and people have huge Steam collections these days, plus if a game isn't found it'll re-try with some modifications), and then nothing for a long time until something new is added (since everything is cached once the first batch has been fetched).

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Re: API limits

Post by StainlessSteelRat »

Your goal with the API is supposed to be to use your private key to gather the entire database, and then use your public key on clients to stay up to date using the updates api.

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Re: API limits

Post by tanderson »

you can also bundle up API requests and query up to 1000 entries at a time. This will page the API output so you will still need to make a few calls.

I did some testing. It takes about 4500 or so calls to download the entire DB including all the images.

14 gets you all of the platforms and their images
2850 gets you all of the games for every console and the boxart images
1 gets you all the genres
1 gets you all the developers
1 gets you all the publishers
Then the rest to query fanart, banners, etc.

If you don't use to many queries during your app testing the 6000 you get should be enough to get the whole DB on your personal server. if users are only downloading some data 1000 should be fine to run without your own server.

Personally i was not able to write the code, test and then download the DB and stay within the 6000, but that's because i used to many queries figuring out data types, field sizes, allowed values, etc.

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Re: API limits

Post by Zer0xFF »

the private key is outdated, if you need to get the entire DB, you can just download the sql or json file from here viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1947

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