Advice on efficiently fetching all images

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Advice on efficiently fetching all images

Post by Zabar »

I'm just getting started on mirroring the database, and I took advantage of the json file linked here viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1129#p2450.

Now I have most of the games mirrored without using the API, but that data does not include artwork. I might have missed something, but there are so many games, and I can't find a way to efficiently fetch the artwork details for each one.

Is there some way to fetch images for several games in one API call?

If not, a json file like "all_games.json" would be a great way to save developers from hitting the API.

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Re: Advice on efficiently fetching all images

Post by Zer0xFF »


the plan is to make the entire database downloadable with 1 json file, that file would also include links to all other image arts, and will also be periodically updated, however, I've been busy lately with other work that I haven't had the time to do this.

if you could continue your work for now without them, I'd advise you to do so, and ping me in 2 weeks, if i don't get to this,
else you now have a list of all game ids, and you can batch request images through image api `/Games/Images?filter[type]=...,...&games_id=1,2,3,45,6....`.
you can fit as many ids there as you want (within reason), and youd get a paged result.

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