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Server News & Updates

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Hi there,

it's been awhile since our last updates, and we come bearing good news.
  1. As of this post, the monthly cap has been bumped to 3k
  2. the private key will be renamed to test key
  3. we're introducing daily database dumps
to elaborate an bit more on that
  • We're always monitoring server performance and API usage to ensure a consistent performance, and based on that we're happy to bump the limit by another decent margin
  • the private key main purpose was to enable complete database cloning, to enable you to serve the same data through your server without being limited by our quote, but we do acknowledge that it wasn't the best way around that problem, however, with the introduction of database dumps, they will no longer serve that purpose, but instead can be used by new devs to test their new/updated code on it instead (do note, these keys dont refresh after usage)
  • the dump will be locatable at and will updated every sunday
    note that the database weights in at 60mb, so we dont recommend dumping it on daily bases, but instead, you can dump it during initial server/app setup, then you can keep it up to date using the update api, note the dump will contain update api associated "last_edit_id"

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