Guess who's back, back again?

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Guess who's back, back again?

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Hi everyone :)

We come bearing good news,
The server is back online with the latest backup, keys and user data, game data and images has all been restored, and we're now back and operating normally(/extraordinary).

Thank you all for your patients and supports, And can't appologies enough for this vey unexpected outage,
we'd be sure to have a system in place to prevent an outage like this ever happening again, hopefully this is a small reboot to something bigger.

for devs:
We've prefixed the api url with `/v1/` path to make it easier to version control the API going forward, so please update your apps to reflect that.
e.g ... e=platform
we also introduce key "TMP_TEST_KEY" during the outage, this key will be invalidated in about 2 weeks, and instead you should use your own key, if you dont have 1, please request a key on the forum.

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