Lots of wrong dates in games

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Lots of wrong dates in games

Post by pladaria »

I see many, many games have a release date of "1970-01-01" (this is the placeholder date in the new game form, and is equal to timestamp 0, which is a valid timestamp)

My proposal:
* For "unknown dates" the database should store "0000-00-00" (or null)
* Make the release date field mandatory (without placeholder value) in the "new game form". If unknown, allow a checkbox to explicitly set it to 0000-00-00 / null

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Re: Lots of wrong dates in games

Post by Zer0xFF »

1970-01-01 is also know as epoch time, its the day epoch time started, that time represent the zeroth second, its the time system used by all modern system (and even ancient systems actually)

because of that, I dont think we can just set the time to 0000, since that would technically be negative time.
however, we could add an option in the statistics page that return games with date set to 1970-01-01

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