Adding E-Reader Games

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Adding E-Reader Games

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Hey all! I am new here. I downloaded an app (Gameye) to scan in my collection of games and other crap, and I noticed some of my more obscure stuff isn't always in the database, one of the particulars is e-reader cards. But that I could take it upon myself to help out and expand the database to include these items! I don't have many, but I've taken it upon myself to at least get the ones I own up.

Now, e-reader is a bit of a mess of a topic, simple games are included on stuff like pokemon cards, for instance. I assume that a game is a game and these should be uploaded, so I started on that. But if anyone has any advice, images, etc of any of this crap, it would be immensely helpful! I have fixed the images for Donkey Kong Jr. and Air Hockey-e, and so far I have added two promotional e-reader games, "Kirby Slide" and "Fire Hoops" (I think I probably got these in a Nintendo Power back in the day). I included pictures of the promotional inserts as the "front covers" of these items.

I plan on uploading games that don't contain box art (for example, available on a selection of pokemon cards), in place of an actual front cover I am just going to upload an image containing all the cards required for that game. I think that's the best that can be done. Thoughts?

Also, I would like to know if it is in line with this project to include odd special editions, for instance I own a K-mart exclusive version of Star Fox Adventures that came with a players guide, or "Player's Choice"/"Platinum Hits" versions of games, etc. I am not sure how that is intended to be handled.


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