What is your favorite fps games?

Talk about your favorite games!
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What is your favorite fps games?

Post by Astrix »

My top3:
1. Valorant
2. Overwatch
3. Call of Duty (especially warzone)

and what is your favorite fps games?

Brodie Cerutty
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Re: What is your favorite fps games?

Post by Brodie Cerutty »

My favourite games are: 1) Dusk; 2) Titanfall 2; 3) Bulletstorm 8-)
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Re: What is your favorite fps games?

Post by prolong »

My favorite fps games? That would be--Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

What is it? Arguably the shooter that inspired almost every other game on this list. Call of Duty was doing well enough for its first three World War 2-inspired games, but it was the jump to modern times that started its growth towards global domination. Putting present-day weapons into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s well-tuned shooting mechanics created a devastatingly lethal shooter, with bursts of gunfire dropping enemies with brutal efficiency. However, it was the story and characters that really gave this its impact. It might not be quite what you’d expect from a big manly shooter, but Captain Price and crew were relatable and human. The fact you cared about them, and what happened to them, elevated this above just shooting until everyone’s dead. And then there’s the multiplayer which, ten years ago, set a template that CoD (and plenty of other games) are still using today.
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Re: What is your favorite fps games?

Post by warsongstarter »

My TOP is:
1) Call of Duty
2) Tarkov
3) Destiny 2
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