Cartridge and label variants.

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Cartridge and label variants.

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I wasn't sure where to bring this up, but I was wondering about things like label variants and Cartridge variants. Like the pale Donkey Kong Cartridges without the artwork on the label vs the black cartridges with artwork on them, or the Circus Atari with simple red text on the label vs full Artwork? I don't want to cause any mess by adding what might be considered duplicates here.

On that note, are there plans to consolidate these into listing with tabs for these variants with their own checkboxes, info, and images? Like an "add new label/cartridge Variant" as an option on a game listing.

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Re: Cartridge and label variants.

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I totally forgot to answer.
We thought about games dependencies. I believe someday we'll make it. As for now feel free to add variants but double check before adding. Nobody wants duplicates. ^^
You can find current version of rules and standarts on our Discord.

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