I have my own Screen Shot Archive.

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I have my own Screen Shot Archive.

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I have my own Screen Shot Archive of Rom Hacks, and Home Brew artwork for games on my systems. Some are Rom Hacks, and I made screen shots for them. Some are home brew like Xeno Crisis or Silver Valley. I'd like a means of transmitting this archive and having it absorbed into the collection here.

Note that I don't have any box art or manuals.

This came about because I own a Retrode, an when I started dumping my own Roms. While I initially downloaded a Screen shot set for the older MameWah front end in the early to mid 2000s, I found that some games had the wrong screen shots, had Screen shots that did not accurately depict how the game looked due to Emulation quality at the time, or just had artwork that said: This game does not work!

So I started deleting ones I knew were wrong and adding missing ones until eventually I had my own collection. I'd like these screenshots added as well as a way to add these screen shots to Emulation Station. Currently Emulation Station only supports Box Art.

Here are some examples:
Silver Valley SMS 1.00.png
Silver Valley SMS 1.00.png (4.37 KiB) Viewed 223 times
Silver Valley on Sega Master System
Battletoads & Double Dragon - On Ragnarok (U) [v1.2]-image.png
Battletoads & Double Dragon - On Ragnarok (U) [v1.2]-image.png (231.42 KiB) Viewed 223 times
Battletoads and Double Dragon on Ragnarok (Enhanced BattleToads where you can play as Billy or Jimmy Lee
Donkey Kong (V1.1) (JU) [S][!].png
Donkey Kong (V1.1) (JU) [S][!].png (10.08 KiB) Viewed 223 times
Donkey Kong for Super Game Boy.

On the topic of Super Game Boy. The Super Game Boy screen shots I did were all done from scratch because All of the Super Game Boy Games were done in Classic Game Boy mode and there were no color screen shots depicting their accurate appearance.

As I dumped Super Game Boy, they were sorted into their own folder and treated as their own distinct platform.

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