BUG: Taking photo via iPhone (Safari) does not work

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BUG: Taking photo via iPhone (Safari) does not work

Post by DanAdamKOF »

Hi, I'd like to report a bug.

Steps to reproduce:
1. On iPhone, open Safari
2. In Safari, open a game entry on thegamesdb.net
3. Click Edit
4. Click Upload Images
5. Click Upload Front
6. Click Select Files
7. Click Take Photo
8. When Camera loads, take photo

Expected result: Usual popup for uploading photo appears

Actual result: Upload popups disappear

Workaround: Take photo in Camera app, then upload from Photo Library

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Re: BUG: Taking photo via iPhone (Safari) does not work

Post by Leo_Pride »

Strange, the site UI should be just modals over PHP, nothing too complicated.
It's certainly not out of the question that there's an unreported defect in the PHP stack.
As you have the device experiencing the issue in question, may I ask you to install a different browser - say, Opera, Firefox, or Chrome - temporarily to see if the issue replicates across them?

If it's Safari 11, I came across this:
https://www.google.com/search?q=safari% ... %20problem

Hopefully, this is something we can code around, but if it's at the browser level for Safari, its proprietary nature means that we're almost certainly not going to be able to directly address this issue until Apple developers push a patch.
We're curious to see how new projects use TGDB API.
If you have a new public project, please provide a link to it so we can highlight cool new applications! 8-)

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Re: BUG: Taking photo via iPhone (Safari) does not work

Post by Zer0xFF »

ya the bug sounds like its caused the iOS or safari, so i don't see what i could do about it.

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